Access Control

In today’s society access control is more important than ever. Employee turnover, safety and loss control are Pass Point Pluschallenges all businesses face, an access control system can address these concerns. You can monitor via computer who enters and where throughout your facility and grant or deny them access with a click of the mouse. With an access control system from Ocean Security Systems you can also control the times that your employees, customers, and delivery or cleaning personnel can enter your facility. You’ll have total control over the access to your business and be sure there are no spare keys floating around that can compromise your facility’s security.

Take Control of Access to Your Business

Ocean Security Systems can provide you with a system for your needs, whether it’s a single door system or a multi-tenant office building we have a solution to suit your needs. Our systems can grow with you as your business grows. You can choose to maintain a standalone system or one that allows you to manage users through software installed on your computer. No more re-keying your business when an employee leaves, just delete the user from the system. Keys are easy to duplicate which may compromise the security of your business, while the key-fobs are coded and cannot be copied. Once deactivated they will no longer provide access to your building.

Add and delete users quickly and easily

Control access to sensitive areas

Eliminates the need to re-key your facility when experience employee turnover

Automatic locking and unlocking of doors based on time

Program day times users are allowed to access areas of the facility

Automatic door unlocking during Fire Alarms

Ocean Security Systems utilizes quality equipment from Honeywell, Northern, Corby, IEI, Adams-rite, Securitron and more. State of the art equipment with a superior installation will provide you with years of trouble free protection for your business.

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