MediPendant™, the ONLY fully monitored medical alarm (or medical alert) system device that allows you to speak, listen and hear directly through the pendant. Available through Ocean Security Systems in Island Heights by Toms River, Ocean County NJ.

Medical Alarm Product Features

    • Speak and listen to the operator directly through the pendant
    • 24/7 monitoring with EMT-certified professionals
    • Easy installation/User friendly
    • Operates anywhere from 300 to 600 feet* in or around the home†
    • Water-resistant—may be worn in bath or shower**
    • Medical alert jewelry – wear it as a medical alert necklace , clipped to your belt, or as a medical bracelet
    • Battery provides up to six hours of talk time and up to one year of stand-by time
    • Bilingual (Spanish and English) equipment and operators available

*Line of sight.
† Building structure and conditions may affect range.
**Base station should never be exposed to water.

Franklin A. Loria, MD

“I always recommend medical alarmsto my patients who need them. The MediPendant™brings a whole new level of comfort and peace of mind to anyone living alone or concerned about having an accident or emergency at home.” 

Lillian, FL

“I am a very active woman, so when my son told me I needed a medical alert alarm, I was very insulted. But two days after he connected it, I slipped in the shower. The floor was so slippery, I couldn’t get up. Thank goodness I was wearing my MediPendant™. I pressed the button and the operator called my friend to come over and help me up. Now I keep my pendant necklace on at all times … just in case! And not only that, it’s like medical jewelry – I get compliments on it all the time.”

Howard, MediPendant™ CEO

“The first medical alarm/medical alert devices were created over 20 years ago. Since then, the standard medical alert equipment has not changed.

We thought it was time for a change.”

Commercial Security with Your Business Without Worry

As a business with critical needs, Ocean Security Systems knows what it takes to provide security to protect your business. From a small storefront to a high security industrial facility we can provide a trouble free system that will allow you to feel confident that your business will be safe from intruders. A custom designed security system can do more than just protect you from intruders. You can opt to have your system notify you if an employee forgets to lock up, or even have a weekly activity report sent to you so you can see who has come and gone. This is just a sample of the ways we can help you manage your business security needs. Our 24 Hour U.L listed monitoring will always be ready to assist in protecting you assets.

Special Applications

In addition to security, if there is a special application that you have a need for, Ocean Security Systems can provide a solution. We have provided solutions for area hospitals, municipal utilities, and aquariums. From monitoring water tank levels and pump controllers to temperature monitoring, and monitoring of other critical needs, we can help you find a solution to give you a piece of mind, when you can’t be there. If you have a special need just ask and let us provide the solution.

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