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Structured Wiring

Today’s technologies are advancing in leaps and bounds, so when building or renovating your house you should do everything to prepare yourself for the technology of today and tomorrow.  The easiest Quickportway to prepare is to wire your home with a structured wiring system.  Structured wiring systems bring all of your telephone, cable, satellite, Internet, and other wiring all back to one location.  This provides a central service point for all of the wiring in your home.


Configurability - With all of the cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel you can easily change how and what these individual cables are connected to and what they are used for.


Troubleshooting - Each of the cables can be individually isolated from the rest of them and tested for shorts and opens if need be.


No splices - Splices are inconsistent with a quality installation, because HTP1they are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference and, quite simply, aren't needed here.


Better signal quality - with all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connected to the same source and get the same signal level. You can easily avoid having some outlet passing through more splices or splitters than others.


EMC3 Wires

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