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Manufacturer Authorized Beam Central Whole House Vacuum Dealer and Installer in Toms River, Ocean County, NJ 732-270-1784

Central Vacuum Systems

Tired of lugging that heavy upright or tripping over the canister vacuum? Then a Beam Central Vacuum System might just be what you are looking for.

Instead of a portable, self-contained appliance like a traditional vacuum, a cenSerenity Vacuumtral vacuum system is a whole-house system. Piping installed inside the walls is connected to a vacuum usually located in the garage or basement.

There are no electrical cords to worry about - all it takes to start the system is to insert the hose into the wall outlet. The system starts automatically and stops when the hose is removed. The dust and dirt is collected in the large canister, and the air is vented to the exterior of your home.

Outlets are conveniently located throughout your home to provide you with coverage for all areas of your home. The vacuum comes with a 30 foot hose and attachments. There are many attachments for your central vac, such as car care kits, dustpans, hose socks, and more.

One of the most popular features of a central vac system is the "dustpan" vac - a small, wide inlet built into the toe kick area under a kitchen cabinet. Just sweep debris from the kitchen toward the inlet, open the inlet with your toe, and away it goes - no more messy dustpans!

The Benefits:

The most noticeable benefit of a central vac system is the significant reduction in airborne allergens. When a traditional vacuum runs, it releases a lot of dust and other allergens back into the air.

Serenity Plus 2900
Because the hose is made of durable PVC plastic and fastened securely to the inlet, the dust and dirt are contained in the tubing and collection unit. A central vacuum has about five times the suction of a traditional vacuum, picking up much more debris.

Central vac systems are also substantially quieter than a traditional vac - the power unit is isolated in the garage or basement. You can hear the phone ring, listen to the radio or hear family members talking while you're using a central vac.

Ocean Security Systems is an Authorized Beam Vacuum Dealer providing custom installations to meet your needs. We offer a full line of accessories and stock most parts for quick delivery or pick up.

Ocean Security Systems has been a leader in the security field in Ocean and Monmouth counties since 1980 in providing a dependable and full range of security, surveillance and monitoring systems for both home and industry.

Ocean Security Systems, 131 Laurel Avenue, PO Box 1349, Island Heights NJ 08732, 732-270-1784