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Protect your Business, Home and Family from Fire, Intruders and Burglars
with Alarms, Surveillance and Access Control.

Video Surveillance for Your Business

A video surveillance system from ocean security systems can help you protect as well as manage your business.  A custom designed surveillance systems can protect your business and employees form many of the risks in today’s business environment.  Threats of theft, violence, vandalism, and other incidents are routine in the reality of today.  A professionally  designed surveillance system can help ease the worries and Interceptor Camera allow you to focus on running your business. 


Today’s surveillance systems can also be used as a management tool and allow you to remotely monitor your business.  Now you can relax while on vacation while still keeping an eye on your business.  No matter where you are if you have internet access you can check on your business, review video remotely, and be assured that someone is always watching over your business.


Video Surveillance for Your Home

Video SurveillanceWith today’s surveillance systems becoming more cost effective you can also monitor your primary residence or summer home.  How convenient would it be to access your summer home through the internet to check on the pool or boat?  It’s just a phone call away.  If a  picture is worth a thousand words then video must be worth millions and accessing video remotely may save you that trip during inclement weather to check on your house at the shore.  Ocean Security Systems can provide you with a residential video system to suit your individual needs and concerns.


Key Benefits of a Video Surveillance System

      • Camera on PoleCapture and retrieve video onsite or remotely.
      • Provides a visual deterrent to intruders and thieves
      • Day/night cameras allow you to see in total darkness
      • High resolution cameras provide crisp transaction verification
      • Can reduce costs related to fraud
      • Allows you to keep an eye on things while you're not able to be there




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